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Allow us to lower it.

As a member of the motoring public, your vehicle is probably your second highest expense, after your home. If your company operates a fleet of vehicles, they add up to a significant investment. Either way, you’re forced to put a lot of faith into some very complicated machines. If you’re not a mechanic, you’re vulnerable to scare tactics, deceitful practices, and even outright fraud. Unfortunately, there are more than a few crooked shops out there.

I don’t like to see people victimized. There’s a good reason that mechanics are often stereotyped as dishonest–it’s because many of them are. I worked next to a lot of those con artists back in my shop days. This is an industry where it’s easy to rip customers off because they don’t have the technical knowledge to know the truth from a lie. I expect you to make me prove my work ethic to you, and I will. It’s not necessary to lie and cheat in order to make a living in this business—Steve’s Mobile is proof of that.

It feels great to charge you less and still make a living. You might think mobile auto repair would be even more expensive than a shop, but it’s not with Steve’s Mobile. I will charge you a fair price, and it’s usually less than even the honest brick-and-mortar shops because I have less overhead, even though I bring the service to you and I pay my employees a living wage.

Thanks for reading. I look forward to earning your business.

- Steve Connor, owner and lead technician

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