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& Preventive


Brakes; Transmission Flush; A/C Recharge; Thermostat Replacement; Oil Change; Tire Repair & Rotation; Front End/Suspension​


& Hard Starts, Rough Running, & Breakdowns

Starters; Alternators; Fuses; Sensors; Overheating; Problems Related to Electrical, Computer, or Fuel Systems

Engine Repair

Minor, Major, or Replacement

Lots of people are surprised at how much we can do onsite, and for really big jobs, we can tow the vehicle to one of our private garages.​


Of Concern

Clunks, Bumps, Grinds, Squeaks, Squeals, Clicks, Thumps, Rattles, Hisses, Whistles, Whines

Used Car

Pre-Purchase Inspections

Includes checking the engine, trans, and suspension. We can tell you a lot about the history of the vehicle and sometimes find issues that aren’t deal-breakers but give you room to negotiate the price. Hint: If the seller won't let your mechanic check out the car, you don’t want that car.​


Little Bulbs That Prevent Big Tickets & Accidents

Headlights; Brake Lights; Fog Lights; License Plate Lights; Vehicle and Trailer Marker Lights

Just Plain


Windows stuck up or down; dash lights stuck on; dome lights burned out; radios that cut out over bumps; doors that won’t lock or unlock; wipers that just smear; dead keyless entry buttons


& Transfer Inspections

A good idea before a long trip, at change of seasons, or when passing ownership to your child


and Historic Vehicles

We love them and they love us too.

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